Unfolding Journey of a Decade

Radio Program on FM Nashik

Title: "NaReGa chi Saath Dakhvil Pragatichi Vaat"

Part 15: On Air Dated 5th April 2017


Implementation is Everything

Pragati Abhiyan is committed to help people help themselves to get out of poverty and lead a dignified life. Founded in 2005 the organization has grown by learning from people it worked with. The major lesson internalized in this decade long journey is that - Implementation is everything. Ultimately this is what matters to people, concrete results on ground that have a bearing on their daily lives.

We believes that it is the mandate of the Government to support poor in getting themselves out of poverty. First and foremost, the Government should recognize people’s fundamental right to lead a life with dignity, which is intrinsically linked with Right to Work, Right to Food, Health, Shelter and assurance of such basic entitlements. Government is expected to fulfill its mandate through appropriate programmers and schemes for the benefit of poor and marginalizes and their effective implementation.

Even now, the Governments has programmers like MNREGA, PDS in place, which have tremendous potential to support efforts of the rural poor families for a better livelihood. However, they are plagued by apathy, ineffectiveness and inefficiencies, making them insignificant to achieve their intended objectives. In this context, Pragati Abhiyan focuses on various aspects of Governance for effective execution of programs and schemes, especially related with rural upliftment. We work with communities as well as the system to address both the systemic and structural causes plaguing effective execution of the programmes. We also work with like minded groups and network to explore alternatives to address pressing issues and community empowerment.

But let us not forget that this independence has thrown on us great responsibilities, By independence we have lost the excuse of blaming the British for everything going wrong. If hereafter things go wrong we will have nobody to blame except ourselves
Dr B R Ambedkar


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