Has MGNREGA assets benefitted the beneficiaries? A reality check

NREGA assets : Plantation

Different states have adopted different models for growing and maintaining plantations under MGNREGA. In states like Madhya Pradhesh, community plantations are very beneficiary centric ie the income from yields is shared among the labour groups who maintain them. However, in states like Tamil Nadu, they are treated as an alternate source of income for the panchayats. In Madhya Pradhesh ,plantations under MGNREGA have also become a good source of income for individual beneficiaries as plantation works here are undertaken not only in public land but also in private agriculture land.

Pisajhody panchayat of Ghora Dongri block

In Pisajhody panchayat of Ghora Dongri block, Betul, Madhya Pradhesh, a plantation work was undertaken under MGNREGA in 4 hectare land in 2006-7. Around 2250 plants including mango , lime , jamun etc were planted here. A group of 20 labourers maintained the plantation under MGNREGA till 2009. Now the plantation has started yielding and the produce has been sold in the local market thrice. Gram panchayat is entitled to receive 10% of this income while rest of the income is divided among the members of the labour group

Sammumadhan, a farmer

For Sammumadhan, a farmer from the same panchayat, a plantation grown under MGNREGA in 2009 in his 2 and half acre agriculture land will soon be an alternate source of income. His plantation has around 155 half-grown trees including Mango(80) and Amla (75)

Naluvedapathy Panchayat

In Naluvedapathy Panchayat, Thalanayar block,Nagapattinam a 10 acre uneven land was levelled to develop a coconut grove with 600 coconut trees under MGNREGA. Two ponds were also constructed in this plantation under MGNREGA

Achampatti panchayat

In Achampatti panchayat ,Budalur block , Thanjavur a 7 acre plantation has been developed this year with around 8390 high yielding trees including teak, tamarind, red sandal etc. Fifty NREGA workers work here daily to maintain the plantation..

Thottakadu Panchayat

In Thottakadu Panchayat, Thanjavur block a nursery which has been developed under MGNREGA has been attempting to promote vegetable cultivation among the natives. The nursery in .15 hectare land grows seedlings of banana and vegetables like tomato, ladies finger, brinjal etc and distributes the plantlets to all the households in panchayat for free. Around 10 MGNREGA workers work here on a daily basis for the maintenance of nursery.