Has MGNREGA assets benefitted the beneficiaries? A reality check

NREGA assets : Rural Connectivity

Roads under MGNREGA have helped rural populace attain connectivity in diverse means. When it has helped them to gain better access to agricultural lands in some regions, in other areas, it became an enabler to mitigate social exclusion by providing marginalized communities a better reach to certain key areas of social importance.

a burial ground in Manuneethikandam

Around 200 SC families were deprived of a burial ground in Manuneethikandam, a habitation in Puthur Panchayat, Thalanayar block, Nagappatinam district. After repeated demands, a burial ground was constructed for them under a state government scheme in 2014. However access to the ground still remained problematic with no road connectivity and wild thickets and creepers invading the path connecting the habitation to burial ground. In March 2015, bringing much relief to the community, construction of a road was undertaken under MGNREGA and during the time of our visit, the work was under active progress

Thethagudi south

Access to public schools and market was challenging for natives of Thethagudi south ( a panchayat in Vedaranyam block, Nagatppatinam district) as there was no proper road connectivity between southern and northern parts of the panchayat. Putting an end to their misery, a 2.5 km road was built under MGNREGA in 2014. A sub canal alongside the road was also desilted, thus preventing inundation during monsoons and improving water supply to 400 acres of agriculture land.

Batkidoh panchayat

In Batkidoh panchayat, (Ghora Dongri block, Betul, Madhya Pradhesh),the path connecting the main village and agriculture lands was muddy and used to get inundated during rains. For farmers, bringing the agricultural produce from the farmlands was a tedious task as it was difficult to drive a tractor or a bullock cart through the excessively muddy and uneven path. Recently, this muddy path was transformed into a CC Road under MGNREGA


A half km road built under MGNREGA in Sakadehi, a panchayat in the same block also serves a similar purpose. According to Shiva caharan, a farmer, the road has tremendously improved his access to agriculture land. `` This path was muddy prior to the construction of the road. Reaching the agricultural land with my bullock was challenging especially during monsoons. This road is a great relief for all of us’’ he says