Canada India Village Aid

Canada India Village Aid (CIVA), is an independent non-profit charitable society based in Vancouver, BC. Since 1981, CIVA has raised funds to support anti-poverty projects benefiting the peoples of rural India. Their guiding principle is to foster self-help and self-reliance, particularly through sustainable development and women's empowerment. The close relationships they maintain with their partners in India helps them ensure that the communities they support have the direction and leadership necessary to meet their goals.

What does CIVA do?

Please visit their current projects listed on the home page to see the kind of work they do.

No Paid Staff

CIVA is unusual among non-profit Canadian organizations in that they have no paid staff. All work is done by volunteers, chiefly the board of directors, who also bear the administrative costs of the society. In this way almost all the funds they raise annually go to our non-profit partners in rural India.

CIVA Board of Directors

Suzy Buckley
John Harriss
Ashok Kotwal
Sophie Low-Beer

Sarah McAlpine
Essop Mia
Anne Murphy
Tony Phillips

Drew Stewart
Russell Wodell

Past Directors

George Woodcock Ingeborg Woodcock (co-founders)

Johanna Duprey
Bahman Farmanara
Hannah Fisher
Katherine Fletcher
Dr. W.D. Forbes
John Friesen
Marta Friesen

Genise Gill
Patricia LaNauze
Charlotte Mitha
Toni Onley
Robert Philips
Dale Rolfsen
Shirley Rushton
Doris Shadbolt
Giles Shearing
Barbara Chilcott

Bill Bruneau
Marnie DiGiandomenico
Max Wyman
Keath Fraser
Judy Brown
Cathy Strickland
Hari Varshney
Amir Mitha

CIVA: Illustrious Sponsors, Past and Present

CIVA is proud to list these illustrious individuals among our generous sponsors and patrons:

Margaret Atwood
Nizar Damji
Ronald McQueen
Gordon Smith
Jack Shadbolt
John Bene
J.V. Clyne

Anna Wyman
George Bowering
Arthur Erickson
James George
Harry Somers
Timothy Findley
James Beveridge

George McWhirter
David Suzuki
Howard White
Margaret Laurence
Princess Eva Galitzine
Dr. Kathleen W. and
Dr. Robert G. Langston