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लोकांच्या गरजा व कामाचा परिणाम समजून घेण्यासाठी संस्थेने, स्वतंत्रपणे आणि इतर संस्थांच्या सोबतीने, विविध प्रकारचे अभ्यास केले आहेत, त्यातील निवडक अभ्यास अहवाल खालीलप्रमाणे –
In Association University of British Columbia of Vancouver, Canada, Pragati Abhiyan has undertaken a study entitled ‘Institutions and Social Capital in the Process of Development’. This research project aims to better understand the role of social capital in the process of development. Relative to the large recent literature focusing on the importance of institutions in determining development outcomes, there is little empirical literature aimed directly at measuring the role of social capital. The Survey involves collecting data from 9000 rural families across 300 villages of Maharashtra.

studies on MGNREGA

Pragati Abhiyan anchored a series of studies to strenghten MGNRGA in Maharashtra, independelty as well as with the Govrenment of Maharashtra. There are two set of questions that dominate the discourse of NREGA. One is obviously about leakages and corruption through ghost laborers’, fake musters and such; and the administrative inefficiencies of delay start of works, delayed payments and inadequate days of work made available. Another set of questions are pertaining to the effects problems in agricultural labor market in terms of wages, labor supply shortages and migration. The usefulness, relevance of assets has also been a concern voiced regularly by critiques. We look at these two set of issues as issues of Governance and Impact. The first set of questions is related to Governance and the other set of questions is about understanding impact. These studies are in process.
  • Aaadhar Based Bank Payments – wage payments to NREGA laborers in Jharkhand
  • Study of System Audit
  • Study of Media Analysis
  • Guidelines Study

Study of Measuring impacts of NREGA with bank accounts

This study is in process.

Agriculture Studies

Milind Murugkar was associated with Project on ‘Liberalization, Biotechnology and the Private Seed Sector: The Case of India’s Cotton Seed Market’ with Dr. Bharat Ramaswami of Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi and Mahesh Shelar of Nashik funded by International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington. This involved primary and secondary data collection of the seed market and in depth interviews with the seed manufacturers.

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